Make Meaning, Make a Difference in The Nordic´s!

Markets becomes more disruptive. Globalization focusing on easy scalable products and services, is leading to earlier and stronger competition in local markets. Even though many are Truly Global, they Act Local!

I´ll exemplify some areas in today´s blog focusing on Media, Retail, TV and the Financial Market within the Nordic´s.

Media – The Shift From Paper To Mobile (online)
The entire media industry is shifting rapidly; the mobile phone is taking lead. Media houses have an urgency to develop and implement online and mobile strategies for growth. New business models and new technologies means that media companies and their partners have to meet new demands. They need to decide entry strategies and grow opportunities whether develop by themselves or by acquiring proven successes in other markets. Most importantly how to implement theses strategies – Action being a foundational key to success!

Retail – Mobile Commerce Recording 39% CAGR

Major international players are introducing new business models and launch new online sales and distribution channels. New online sales and distribution channels are launched by major international players introducing new business models. These players does not have any industry association, they do not lead their own product lines, is solely online based and on top nevertheless providing good margins and sales. Retail industry is a shift; traditional media do not deliver value in the same way as before. New business models, new players focusing on localization and new technology means that the chains need to take action. Physical outlets are being replaced for the benefit of online sales. Retailers have (should have) an urgency to develop and implement new online and mobile strategies being essential for growth, to maintain market share and margins. eBay alone projects $10 billion in m-commerce sales this year, double that of 2011.

TV – Getting Mobile, Socialized and Truly Interactive

International players such as Netflix and HBO,Voddler, Lovefilm and Telenor-owned Comoyo goes Global. They are a threat to the more traditional television houses struggling to repositioning online. TV and entertainment consumption is getting socialized with services such as, zeebox etc, where localization and «call to action» is being introduced. Understanding and solve the complex tasks of delivering multiple carrier-class, Internet-based applications and services to the consumer must be emphasized.

Finance marked – Secured House Loans are HOT, Business Loans are NOT!
Rune Bjerke, CEO in DnB makes a clear statement. Cutting costs gives an immediate effect, innovation is often neglected. Both are needed in order to maintain healthy businesses and to meet the disruptive market conditions.

People and capital is needed to innovate, and to make ground for entrepreneurship. When looking at Top 100 companies a century ago, only one -1- exists today on the very same list.

Huge businesses of today were at a point a small boutique, starting in a garage with friends and family. Walt Disney made a good quote saying; «…and it all started with a little mouse.»

It is more than reasonable to encourage business leaders of today to invest in people, not products. Make meaning, make a difference and make the world a better place!