Viral Brand Community Pop Ups

As less becomes more in the understanding of people connecting online to what they really appreciate, we find a fall in the traditional “CRM or mass-media” way of thinking.

Pop Up Viral Communities is strictly viewed in a brand to consumer perspective where communication is involved. The knowledge i.e. retailers build to track and understand consumer behavior is highly valuable, but I rarely find good examples in how they manage to put the customer in the center of their brand story. There is exceptions i.e. like where they both track customer search, behavior and purchase. They succeed in addressing relevant deal propositions in their dialogue both at web, e-mail and possible soon at the mobile phone? (Why wait till you get home to buy your next book).

The reason we find the rapid rise and fall in such consumer generated marketing is primarily the popularity of social media as is. You´ll find groups within the societies like Facebook and a rapid growth and use of mobile Apps. It does not take much to be a part of a group, nor to drop out. There is a reason why we find players like Apple, Google and Microsoft looking into whether its push, pull or online mechanisms in which we´ll find the highest affect in people behavior. Personally I believe marketers cannot effectively target consumers without being fundamentally connected to all three corners of the new media triad: digital out-of-home, mobile and web. Probably we´ll find pull advertising to be more effective where we´ll find the beginning of the end of the media authority and the rise of community expertise., a Norwegian based company building viral customer clubs, has proven a 30% redemption rate over the past 9 months with Deli De Luca where all the three media corners is involved.

Internet and mobile phones merge both in the way they are consumed, and in the way they have an impact on us gives us all needed information at any time. There is a high responsibility hanging on the neck of the retailers and brands putting their product offers in front of us. For the rational human being a price and product comparison is just a click away, and this transparency give no rooms for wise guys.

We also find the “pop up phenomenon” in restaurants. The merited chef Alain Devahive from the well known restaurant El Bulli outside of Barcelona is now opening in Oslo for a limited time juggling between art and marketing addressing the niches for high profit. They pull out before it goes mainstream. We find the same in DellOutlet at Twitter where their first 2,200 followers led to a $500,000 revenue and by increasing the number of followers to 1,564,995 they increased the revenue to a total of $1,000,000. Less is more?

So what should a brand owner do?
Prepare to capitalize in the rise and fall of smaller viral clusters created by the brand owner themselves or customer driven. Focus in viral media and convert your current customers so you can open a two way dialog at any given time. Connect your customers to all three corners of the new media triad: digital out-of-home, mobile and web.


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