93% sold as a result of Appvertising

Never heard about Appvertsing? – You´d better look into it and broaden your mind the sooner the better, such viral mobile marketing truly gives extraordinary results.

CatchTheEye is a leading mobile marketing and Digital Out-of-Home company in Norway. They have just finished three campaigns along with VISA, Schweppes and Firefly, and the results are here. All three brands combined Digital Out-of-Home (screens inside the stores of Deli de Luca) as well as mobile Appvertsing and coupons to be scanned and redeemed In-Store published in Deli de Luca iPhone App.

VISA had a competition to win tickets to the Fifa World Cup in South Africa this year. They ran a campaign every second week over six weeks published at screens inside Deli de Luca to target people in the age between 15-34 years. They enabled a mobile marketing service streamed to the Deli de Luca´s App to lead customers to their mobile landing-site. All together this gave an amazing 29% respons-rate where more than 3,700 people followed through and responded.

Schweppes launched a new product Schweppes Fusion where they used screens to Catch peoples Eye and iPhone advertising. More than 86% of all products sold over 3 weeks came as a result of people redeeming their Appvertising coupon in Deli de Luca.

Finally Firefly used pretty much the same strategy and media mix whereof 93% of the total Firefly sales came as a result of Appvertsing combined with a mobile coupon people redeemed instore.

People seems to love personal and direct marketing as long as this gives high value in return. CatchTheEye is currently looking into new ways to target a broader audience and Retailers to upscale this phenomenon they simply name Oohgle.


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