CatchTheEye make people Oohgle In Real Life!

CatchTheEye is a media-company making digital media better. They believe marketers cannot effectively target consumers without being fundamentally connected to all three corners of the new media triad: digital out-of-home, mobile and web.

They provide and sell media access at Out-of-Home screens like CBS Outdoor does in London, iPhone Appvertising and mobile push, pull and online marketing. Oohgle is an acronym for Out-Of-Home gle as an outofhome search, purchase and transfer service in real life, opposite to Google who provide theses services at the web.

CatchTheEye is looking for a co-investment in a range EURO 650,000 − 1,3 mEURO. Havila ASA, and “Gutta på tur” is already onboard as shareholders. Latter is famous from their career as Olympic skiers Bjørn Dæhlie & Vegard Ulvang as well as Arne Hjeltnes and Arne Brimi.

Ideally we seek one co-investor where EURO 650,000 will give you 9% of the shareholdings in this tranche. We are 7 employee targeting a 2m EURO revenue in 2010, according to CEO Tor Olav Haugen.

CAPITAL NEEDED: EURO 1,300,000 They seek a co-investor to match one of their current shareholder to invest EURO 650,000 as a 50% co-investment.

As for the upcoming two share issues, the first 1,3mEURO will go to:
1.1 Hiring more people to the business area of Digital Out-of-Home (sales & marketing)
2.1 Hiring new people with new expertise in Mobile Marketing (Sales & Marketing)
3.1 Twitter TV pilot (new concession rights)
4.1 Acquisition of DOOH company (M & A)
5.1 Mobile Marketing pilot project in Sweden, the Baltics, Russia / Ukraine and Spain (new rights)

For the second tranche 6,50mEURO should go to:
1.2 Financing deployment of TwitterTV
2.2 Introduce new markets

REGION: Norway – then Nordic
INDUSTRY 1: Internet & eCommerce
INDUSTRY 2: Products & Inventions
INVESTMENT REASON: Sales & Marketing
BUSINESS STAGE: Achieving Sales

If you consider CatchTheEye as an investment opportunity, you are welcome to contact Tor Olav Haugen in

Phone: +47 99229290


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