Appvertising gives high value for money

. Vitusapotek as a leading pharmacist retailer in Norway launch their iPhone App in December-09. As with all App´s the success lies in the number of downloads and daily use. To attract customers Vitusapotek decides March 15th to sponsor a free coffee to the 30,000 users of the Deli de Luca App as well of offering a unique “iPhone user only” product to be redeemed In-Store in Vitusapotek. The only catch is to Download your free App from Vitus at iTunes.

In just 24 hours of Appvertising Vitusapotek iPhone App reaches Top 5 among free App Downloads increasing number of downloads by 10 times. Now even more people owning an iPhone can get unique offers from one of the leading Norwegian pharmacist retailers.

“This is a really good example for how Brands use iPhone Apps to attract attention to their products” according to CatchTheEye delivering the service as one of many within Mobile Marketing

More info about CatchTheEye at


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