Outstanding results with Deli de Luca iPhone App

Apple announced the 5 November that the developers have created over 100 000 applications to the App Store, the world’s largest software store. iPhone and iPod customers in 77 countries can choose from a fantastic selection programs. App Store users have downloaded well over two billion program, which contributes to making the App Store for the world’s most popular software store.

The Deli de Luca´s iPhone App CatchTheEye earlier wrote about about quickly became one of the most popular downloaded Apps in Norway. Deli de Luca has obtained fascinating results by adopting this type of media channel. CatchTheEye is using a statistical tool to track and measure user behavior in daily use as clicks to redemption of mobile coupons in store.

More than 15,000 people has downloaded the application and increasing. It is far more than 240,000 clicks, nearly 85,000 downloaded mobile coupons and 40,000 redeemed coupons. Deli has a increased number of customer up to 7% on daily basis Terje Bergh, Marketing Manager at Deli, is excited – “As many as 1500 people visit our stores every single day. It is quite clear this affects our total turnover, and our customers are incredible pleased with this service.”

TINE is the exclusive partner for the distribution of content and coupons in 2009, and has achieved good results. Knut Ludvigsen, sales manager in Tine, is impressed: “We had never imagined hundreds of people would buy milk flavored with peanut taste in Deli stores every day!”

This week we launched Deli1.5 version where Sony Music for the first time samples music through the iPhone. The music industry are as we know looking into new ways to distribute music.

From 2010, Deli and CatchTheEye give all kind of Brands access to advertise. “We consider this as a new, innovative and attractive media channel,” said Tor Olav Haugen in CatchTheEye. “We have received many requests for this, and now, it is possible.”


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